CVG Journal Club

The CVG Journal Club holds discussions of current articles drawn from broad, interdisciplinary topics which describe useful approaches, tools, and resources in genomics. Graduate students and post-docs in CVG labs will choose the topics/articles and lead the discussion. All CVG members and lab members are encouraged to attend. Meetings will be once per month, informal (and even fun!!), with snacks and drinks provided.

Upcoming Schedule

May 29, 2014
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: Jishnu Das
A general framework for estimating the relative pathogenicity of human genetic variants. M Kircher, Nature Genetics 46, 310-315 (2014) link
Hagan Room, S1009 Schurman


Recent Presentations

Apr 24, 2014
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: Sachi Horibata
Citrullination regulates pluripotency and histone H1 binding to chromatin. MA Christophorou, Nature 507, 104-108 (March 2014) link
Mar 27, 2014
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: Ezra Lencer
Conservation and Divergence of Regulatory Strategies at Hox Loci and the Origin of Tetrapod Digits. JM Woltering, D Noordermeer, M Leleu, D Duboule. PLOS Jan 21, 2014. link
Feb 27, 2014
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: Kaixiong Ye
Heteroplasmy of Mouse mtDNA Is Genetically Unstable and Results in Altered Behavior and Cognition. MS Sharpley et al. Cell Oct 2012; 151(2):333-43 link
Jan 30, 2014
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: Iris Jonkers
The Xist lncRNA Exploits Three-Dimensional Genome Architecture to Spread Across the X Chromosome. Jesse M. Engreitz, et al. Science Aug 2013 link
Nov 21, 2013
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: Botao Liu
Nanog, Pou5f1 and SoxB1 activate zygotic gene expression during the maternal-to-zygotic transition. Lee, et al. Nature 2013. link
Oct 31, 2013
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: Jenny Feng
Optical control of mammalian endogenous transcription and epigenetic states, Konermann et. al. Nature 2013 link
Sep 26, 2013
4:30-5:30 pm
Presenter: David Taylor
Multiple epigenetic mechanisms and the piRNA pathway enforce LINE1 silencing during adult spermatogenesis. Di Giacomo, et al. Mol Cell. 2013 link

Past Presentations